When do I Stop Paying Taxes


Today have been asked to answer the question “At what age do you stop paying income taxes.”

The answer is: “it depends.”   What does it depend on? Now that’s the real question.

In my last article I outlined basically the 5 things that can genuinely because someone to be subject to the federal income tax in America. It is primarily centered around either living in Washington DC, working for the federal government, engaging in a federal program, or receiving money from a corporation that is based in Washington DC.

If none of these things apply to you then neither does the federal income tax law. I bet you didn’t know that the federal income tax law was repealed on the same day it was enacted August 16, 1954. Today people pay the federal income tax without any idea that they most likely do not owe it.

This is all done by misinformation, deception, trickery and straight out lies. Once you volunteering to the tax system however your in and getting out is a tricky situation. It’s best left to professionals. I suggest if you work in the private sector and no longer wished to legally and lawfully rid yourself of ever having to pay income taxes that you contact us at our website: http://endtaxes4ever.com/

the law is the law and everyone has to follow it. Not just you and me but also the IRS as well. What the tax law says is that unless you fall into 1 of the categories above you don’t owe the tax.  So why should you keep paying it?

Contrary to popular belief we receive no benefits whatsoever. The money to build roads and other infrastructure does not come from paying federal income taxes. This is a lie that’s been perpetrated on the people since the inception of federal income taxes in order to make you feel good about paying them.

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