Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1.) I am not certain if this is safe. I like what you say BUT I am skeptical. What should I do?

Answer: The decision is entirely yours. I advocate people should research before doing anything if they feel unsure if you expect to get a truthful answer from the IRS, you’re dreaming! They make a living from deceiving people and they’re exceedingly good at it.

Case in point the vast majority of the American population is in full compliance with the tax laws and is voluntarily paying it. The reason they are paying the income tax is fear. Fear and ignorance! As I said in my website, the U.S. Supreme court has ruled that the Federal tax law was never meant to impose an obligation on the American people for receiving monetary compensation for their labor. Click here

2.) What can I do if the IRS imposes a penalty or fine on me for filing a tax return in the manner you suggest?

Answer: Often times the IRS will respond in ways that are designed to discourage filers from continuing in the refund process. We are prepared and know how to respond to intimidating letters from the tax agencies. Sometimes they will send more than one letter in sequence, showing increased amounts owed in an effort to frighten the tax filers into abandoning their position.

We assist our clients in staying the course while insuring each letter received by the IRS is responded to quickly and definitively. We demand them to produce authority they are operating under. We always find the tax agencies do not have authority to demand payment to collect or receive tax.

3.) Can I do this process and get a refund for all the taxes I paid for my corporation?

Answer: No. Our process only works for individuals who have paid personal income tax and it works for both federal and state.

4.) Can I use your process to obtain a refund on state income tax already paid?

Answer: Yes, as long as it is personal income taxes paid we can help you get a refund from your state taxing agency.

5.) Can you help me remove a levy or lien form the IRS or state taxing agency?

Answer: Yes. It involves filing returns to the appropriate agency for the tax years the lien or levy is based on once the taxes are properly filed the lien or levy will come off automatically. Please keep in mind to qualify the lien or levy will need to be 300 thousand dollars and above

6.) Can I go to jail doing this process or are there any risks involved?

Answer: You cannot go to jail for doing our process, however you should know as becoming a client there are certain responsibilities you must perform to be successful with obtaining your tax returns. Most important of these is forwarding all correspondence you receive by the IRS to our office immediately. Failure to do so can result in unfavorable consequences therefore it is imperative clients follow the instructions we provide for you explicitly.

7.) What are the risks involved with using your process?

Answer: The main risk is fear, an emotion that causes people not to act and you then place yourself at risk. The main risk of doing our process is not following through with the instructions we provide for your success. The IRS and State taxing agencies continue to deny the truth as long as they can discourage people from obtaining the refund owed to them. If you delay or fail to respond correctly to the threatening letters the IRS sends you, then you will feel you are at risk when actually following through to completion with us you will eliminate any risk to you.

8.) How long does it take to see results in obtaining my refund?

Answer: It depends on being an experienced processor at the IRS or state tax agency receives your return you could receive your refund in 60 to 90 days, a less experienced processor could question your returns causing the delays in processing and refund within their office, that is why you need an experienced private tax consultant as ourselves who know what their rules and regulations are to avoid being ignored and demand your returns.

9.) How will I receive my refund?

Answer: By check or bank wire transfer.

10.) Can you stop Levies and help recover the money that has already been taken from my bank account, retirement, paycheck, etc?

Answer:  Yes, but this often requires you to go to court.  We can by statute only go back 9 months, so you’d be best to act quickly.  This process requires a significant amount of time on our part and requires a substantial deposit to begin working.

10.) Can you get rid of Liens.

Answer:  Yes, but we prefer not to get involved in this process as it is lengthy and time consuming.  We will consider it with a substantial deposit up front.