About Us

“In a blind society one who can see the light is viewed as unpatriotic, an iconoclast and certainly a threat to the status quo” – Dr. David Hawkins

Not long ago I was conducting a new client interview of a doctor, whose name is Rick. Rick is an intelligent guy. The first question I asked him was: “Why do you pay income taxes?” He answered immediately, “Because my mother told me to.”

Most people respect what we learn from our parents and most of us respect them, we often heed what they taught us. say. The issue What we learned from our parents with respect to income taxes is however, is an exception to the rule.

A group of very influential and powerful men have controlled the nation for quite some time. They control the movie industry and the media as a whole, including all the words, images, and ideas flashed before us on television, radio and newspaper each and every day.

Thus they have a great deal of control over the peoples minds of the entire nation.

The Genesis of this revelation began for me in 2000. It was the first year I managed to make a decent amount of money as a contractor and 1099 employee after coming out of a financial slump. (Note: I rearranged the sentence) I was faced with paying 1/3 of my earnings in taxes. Now forget the fact that I didn’t have it (it was already spent and loooonnng gone) something, something worse was gnawing away inside me, telling me not to pay the tax.

I felt deep down inside that I didn’t owe it and I knew that feeling was right.

But how could that be? Don’t we all owe federal income tax? Aren’t we all subject to pay it each year? Isn’t there an obligation for us to obey the tax law? Don’t we all have to pay our “fair share?”

The answer is it depends.

If you hold public office, an employee of the U.S. government, or live in Washington D.C. or other federal territories, then yes, chances are you do owe the tax. If not, you probably don’t and it’s just that simple.  There are some other exceptions, but the examples I just gave stating who is and isn’t required to pay federal income are the most significant.

For years I tried different methods to remove the tax liability I supposedly owed all to no avail. Then one day I teamed up with someone who has a long running track record of successes and who educated me on how the income tax system REALLY works and how to use the tax code to support your position as non-taxpayers. Click here to see proof!

It is important to note: We are not “tax protesters.” We do not “fight” the tax agencies. When you know the truth of how the system works you don’t have to be.  We have thoroughly studied and understand the federal tax code and certain U.S. Supreme court cases which define who owes the tax and under what circumstances it is owed.

It is really cut and dry. There are some exceptions which we are aware of but for the most part it’s actually quite simple.

You no longer have to live in fear or in the shadow of the taxing agencies, because the truth of the matter is, you control everything and we work to restore the power back into your hands. you rightly deserve.