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We offer services to our clients to rid themselves of the tyranny known as income tax. We can help you to free yourself permanently from both federal and state income tax, which you were likely never required pay.

The professional income tax services we offer are derived from the culmination of 15 years of diligent and in depth research regarding the requirement to pay federal and state income tax.

What we have discovered is astounding!

Are you aware paying U.S. Federal income tax is voluntary? Nearly all Americans are volunteering to pay a tax they do not owe.   This is not an opinion. Title 26 United States Code (U.S.C.), the federal income tax law, states money earned in private sector employment is not subject to the tax. This also directly affects any state income taxes, as they are derived directly from Title 26 U.S.C.

The Supreme Court and other courts around the nation have repeatedly ruled “compensation for labor is not taxable.” In other words, the money you earn from your labor or work is most likely not subject to federal income tax, however the various state and federal tax agencies will not voluntarily refund any money to you unless you: 1) demonstrate definitively you are not subject to the tax and; 2) are willing to follow through to the end in the event your tax return is challenged.

How you got in the “tax trap” and how they keep you in

When you sign a tax form, 1040 for example, under the penalties of perjury, it is known as a “self-assessment.” When you self-assess, you are admitting under oath you owe the amount indicated on your tax return. You are voluntarily waving all your Rights to recover the money you’ve paid into the tax system and informing the tax agency of your willingness to pay the tax.

In the Internal Revenue Service decoding manual number 6209, it categorizes IRS tax forms W-2, W-4,  and 1099 MISC as a “class 5 tax.”

Below is an excerpt from the IRS 6209 manual:


Dept of Treasury Logo

Doc 6209 Language

W2W41099 Forms

Further, in the 6209 decoding manual it then states that all class five taxes come under the heading of “gift and estate.”

Those of us who have 9 – 5 jobs all know what the tax Forms W-2 and W-4 are.  A W-4 is filled out when one starts a new job and on it one reports the number of dependents in the household, which determines how much money will be withheld from your paycheck in taxes. The W-2 is received from your employer at the end of the year showing how much in federal, state, FICA, SSI and Medicare payments were withheld from your paycheck, and sent to the IRS and possibly state tax agencies.

The 1099 MISC is for contract employees who have no taxes taken out of their paychecks.  All of the above forms fall under the category of class 5 tax forms.

What is a class 5 tax and what does it mean to you?

The class 5 tax forms W-2, W-4 and 1099 MISC identifies your payment to the federal tax agency as a “gift” from you to the IRS every year of 25% – 35% of all the money you make, disguised as an income tax.

How do they get away with this?

There is a maxim of law which states: “He who wishes to be deceived let him be deceived.

In most instances people pay income taxes due to being misinformed.  The federal tax law contains over 60,000,000 words and is designed to be a monstrous maze and difficult to decipher.

As a result of the enormity of the tax law the taxing agencies are operating on auto-pilot now, collecting their handsome fees from the majority of the unsuspecting populace whom they look upon as sheep.

Are ewe a sheep?

The taxing agencies view is being in agreement with “gifting” away 25%-35% or more of the hard earned money you work for while receiving ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return, means you MUST wish to be deceived.

The biggest thing the tax agencies have in their favor is years of programming, brainwashing and propagandizing the people. When I asked a very prominent medical doctor who is a client of mine, why he pays federal income tax, his response was epic: “Because my mother told me to.”

Once the taxing agencies sunk their claws in our parents and grandparents, the game was all but over. After that, the system became self-perpetuating. Now all they have to do is sit back and collect the money. What a scam!!

And for any of the sheep who wander out of the fold and get smart ideas to stop paying their “fair share” they receive a good PUBLIC shellacking consisting of several years in federal prison. Of course the taxing agencies make sure that news of imprisonment of the bad little sheep reaches print in all the newspapers and the evening news of the major TV stations. This suffices to keep any of the other sheep from following in their footsteps.

The taxing agency’s aces in the hole are disinformation and FEAR and they know how to wield it well. Fear ends up doing most of their work for them by keeping all the sheep pretty much in line.

Even though quite a few smart people know some of the things on this site, they still fail. Why, you ask? Lack of follow through!!!!!!

I have seen it over and over again, taxing agencies stone walling and steam rolling over people. The problem is not the stone walling,  it is not knowing how to respond when they use this tactic.

Most people get frightened at the first sign of trouble and the taxing agencies know this, so they’ll send out a “SCARY ” letter to see what you will do about it. We have seen these tactics time and time again and we know exactly how to handle them quickly and decisively.

For the uninformed, who either don’t know how to handle these letters or are not willing to follow through to the end; the results are often devastating.

It pays to hire someone who knows the tax business well!

Sending “stall letters” is one an effective maneuver the tax agencies use to get people to submit to paying the tax. All the writing in the letter is one font, except the amount owed, which is in bold and a much larger font. What this does to a person’s psyche is to get them to focus on how much is supposedly owed and Viola’! The poor guy abandons their refund and runs back into the fold with the rest of the sheep!

Meanwhile, the tax agent laughs while thinking “I sure scared that little sheep back into compliance. That’ll teach ‘em!!”  The tactics of the taxing agencies are a science!

The specific intent of the stall letters is to discourage people from pursuing their remedies. Tax payments to be made increasing the urgency to submit.  THE PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO THE TAX LAWS ACTUALLY APPLIES TO IS SO INFINITESIMAL that the majority of people in this country qualify to receive a full refund for the improper withholding of YOUR money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the problem always has been, AND THIS IS THE KEY, we agreed we owed them the tax when we filed our first 1040. The presumption is you owe it taxes AND until that presumption is broken, this untruth will remain A FACT for you.

This is how they steal money from people’s bank accounts, money from paychecks, and steal their homes and other assets.

Frivolous tax returns is another tactic the tax agencies use to assess penalties. The penalties are hefty too, $5,000 a pop. In every instance we have seen various tax agencies operating outside the law in assessing them.

What we do is challenge the tax agencies on the validity of the tax assessment.  The tax agencies must prove they followed all the steps required by the law to impose it, which they never do. The end result is the assessment gets removed.

Unless you fully understand the lawful requirements and obligations tax agents are subject to in the fulfillment of their duties they will always seem to have the upper hand. What we have learned is in almost all instances tax agents are operating outside of the law, absent any lawful authority in the performance of their duties, rendering everything they do null and void and subject to review.

You have the choice to take back what is yours or continue to consent to being robbed by the tax agencies who you more than likely owe nothing to and who almost certainly are absent any authority over you.

There is no remedy for one who realizes they are being deceived and afterward refuses to do anything about it.

The choice is yours – correct the way you’re filing your tax returns or continue to be being deceived.

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About Us

“In a blind society one who can see the light is viewed as unpatriotic, an iconoclast and certainly a threat to the status quo” – Dr. David Hawkins

Not long ago I was conducting a new client interview of a doctor, whose name is Rick. Rick is an intelligent guy. The first question I asked him was: “Why do you pay income taxes?” He answered immediately, “Because my mother told me to.”

Most people respect what we learn from our parents and most of us respect them, we often heed what they taught us. say. The issue What we learned from our parents with respect to income taxes is however, is an exception to the rule.

A group of very influential and powerful men have controlled the nation for quite some time. They control the movie industry and the media as a whole, including all the words, images, and ideas flashed before us on television, radio and newspaper each and every day.

Thus they have a great deal of control over the peoples minds of the entire nation.

The Genesis of this revelation began for me in 2000. It was the first year I managed to make a decent amount of money as a contractor and 1099 employee after coming out of a financial slump. (Note: I rearranged the sentence) I was faced with paying 1/3 of my earnings in taxes. Now forget the fact that I didn’t have it (it was already spent and loooonnng gone) something, something worse was gnawing away inside me, telling me not to pay the tax.

I felt deep down inside that I didn’t owe it and I knew that feeling was right.

But how could that be? Don’t we all owe federal income tax? Aren’t we all subject to pay it each year? Isn’t there an obligation for us to obey the tax law? Don’t we all have to pay our “fair share?”

The answer is it depends.

If you hold public office, an employee of the U.S. government, or live in Washington D.C. or other federal territories, then yes, chances are you do owe the tax. If not, you probably don’t and it’s just that simple.  There are some other exceptions, but the examples I just gave stating who is and isn’t required to pay federal income are the most significant.

For years I tried different methods to remove the tax liability I supposedly owed all to no avail. Then one day I teamed up with someone who has a long running track record of successes and who educated me on how the income tax system REALLY works and how to use the tax code to support your position as non-taxpayers. Click here to see proof!

It is important to note: We are not “tax protesters.” We do not “fight” the tax agencies. When you know the truth of how the system works you don’t have to be.  We have thoroughly studied and understand the federal tax code and certain U.S. Supreme court cases which define who owes the tax and under what circumstances it is owed.

It is really cut and dry. There are some exceptions which we are aware of but for the most part it’s actually quite simple.

You no longer have to live in fear or in the shadow of the taxing agencies, because the truth of the matter is, you control everything and we work to restore the power back into your hands. you rightly deserve.

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